We show you how to protect your mobile hardware and software with essential equipment.

Ensuring IT security is a challenge even for hardware and software used in-house. But when information technology goes mobile, the security requirements are even higher – very much so. With the right approach, successful companies are transforming the risk factor presented by mobile IT into a success factor.

From iPads to handheld devices, as soon as an IT device is taken into the field, the probability of it being lost increases exponentially – along with all of the information, login details, and confidential data stored on it. It’s not just the loss of the hardware that poses a risk. If a mobile device stores information about third parties, such as personal contact data in a CRM, or if the device allows for unencrypted access to customer-specific login details, for example, the device must be protected in a targeted way. Handheld devices, data stored online, and information shared over wireless networks are all potential targets of attack by hackers.


MDM – more than just security

The security of mobile IT can be ensured with a number of measures. Mobile device management (MDM) systems in particular are the first port of call for combining device management with security. An MDM client installed on a mobile device can be used, for example, to secure the operating system and applications, install encryptions, and delete data on lost devices via remote access.

But MDM systems offer even more functions that go beyond the security aspect in justifying the investment. For example, they can be used to run precisely planned software updates “over the air” without having to stop the productive use of handheld devices in the field. They can also be used to check information on the device status remotely, which provides important indicators for strategic inventory management.


Secure Wi-Fi with customer benefits

Another added value is the sophisticated, tiered protection of wireless networks. Wi-Fi is used especially in the retail sector for communication with the company’s internal handheld devices. Securing these networks is essential in order to protect the devices and their data from unauthorized access by third parties. At the same time, not sealing them off completely pays off in other ways.

For example, customers in sales areas can actively be provided with free access to the Wi-Fi network via hotspots – a plus point for buyers, who pay it back in the form of likes on social media, but also an opportunity for companies to engage in targeted customer communication at the point of sale or even collect information about buying behavior.

A great deal of expertise and experience is required to reliably secure your mobile IT. We can show you how to protect your mobile hardware and software with essential equipment and how you can enjoy a quick return on investment through hidden added value. Gladly take advantage of our advice and our service.


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