Alongside convenient device management, Circlon Operate Portal also offers valuable evaluation and notification features for pool optimization

Cologne, May 10, 2017. The PDS Group, one of the leading system developers and integrators for mobile data acquisition in Europe, is going online with the Circlon Operate Portal. This Web-based device management for mobile IT helps businesses to manage their hardware and also provides meaningful data and evaluations for optimizing device usage, resulting in less downtime and reduced total cost of ownership. PDS customers, such as the logistics company TNT Express, are already enjoying all the benefits of Circlon Operate.

As a Web-based portal, Circlon Operate is device-independent and can be used immediately without any detailed training thanks to its simple user interface. In just a few clicks, business information, such as locations and device pools, can be quickly configured and existing data capturing devices and accessories can be included in the management process.


KPIs for optimizing mobile IT

Circlon Operate can individually determine and visualize the KPIs (key performance indicators) for the device pool from the various information and data streams. This enables various types of real-time evaluations, such as in relation to the general device pool, battery performance of all devices, statistics on the most common repairs, or the most efficient locations. In this way, Circlon Operate generates meaningful KPIs from big data to optimize mobile IT.


Optimized device usage with predictive maintenance

In daily operations, Circlon Operate supports device management through optimization of device usage, such as with rapid practical guidance to resolve apparent defects or by conveniently initiating the repair process in the case of device failure. The portal also supports predictive maintenance. Here, early notifications in the system about impending device failure enable corresponding measures to be taken, thereby ensuring less downtime and longer lifespans for mobile IT. 


Core of the Circlon Mobile Life Cycle Management 

Circlon Operate is the core of PDS’s comprehensive device management concept. Circlon Mobile Life Cycle Management includes all services prior to and throughout the entire life cycle of mobile data capturing devices, smartphones, and related accessories, such as SIM cards, chargers, and barcode printers. Circlon covers six service phases, ranging from selection, evaluation, and procurement of hardware and software, to rollout, operation, and optimization, as well as replacement and roll-in of devices.