Are you planning to introduce new mobile IT? We have decades of experience in the roll-out and roll-in of small and large device inventories.

Time to introduce a new generation of devices? You can find our experts’ five most basic tips for rolling in old handheld devices and preparing for the roll-out of new mobile data capturing devices here.


1. Set a schedule

It is essential to have a detailed plan of which devices will be rolled in and when (without a gap between turning in old devices and receiving new ones). Otherwise production will grind to a halt or your delivery drivers will not be able to complete their routes. And don’t forget that if your devices are being leased, the contractually agreed time frames must be observed!

2. Back up your data

All open processes on the old handheld devices must be backed up and completely transferred to the new devices before they can be used at all. This is the only way to ensure a successful, smooth transition to the new generation of devices without losing any data.

3. Delete your data

As with any old device, the data stored there must be reliably and completely deleted. This is a given for sensitive login details for the company network, but don’t forget that records from customer-related processes, for example, should also be fully deleted from the devices.

4. Prepare your data

A roll-in is often a good time to consolidate data on the company system, perhaps even clean it up, and prepare it for use on the new devices. This is especially true if you are upgrading to hardware with new software which may also involve introducing new processes.

5a. Return your devices

Leased devices are simply returned at the end of the lease. It is very important to ensure that every user returns all components and accessories because the hardware must be complete when it is returned to the leasing company! A missing battery cover or stylus may lead to expensive additional charges.

5b. Recycle your devices

If you are upgrading to new mobile data capturing devices because your internal processes require it, the old devices are probably not completely obsolete. Used goods dealers specializing in electronics are happy to purchase functional devices in bulk – a solution that is not only environmentally friendly but also budget friendly. It pays off to sound out the market promptly, with the most precise information possible on the configuration of the old hardware and its exact condition, details on peripheral equipment, and the specifics of the roll-in time frame.

5c. Dispose of your devices

If your equipment has reached the end of its life cycle, the only thing left is to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. To keep your ecological footprint small, it is important to get timely information on suitable, cost-efficient disposal options.

Is your company planning to introduce new mobile IT? PDS has decades of experience in the roll-out and roll-in of small and large device inventories.

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