Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our own qualified and certified employees.

Installing Wi-Fi is no small feat. Especially in a professional environment where a wireless network is required that is not only stable and offers constant availability but – even more importantly – is also protected against unauthorized access. It is possible to learn how to install and configure Wi-Fi securely through a number of increasingly advanced training courses, and have a certification at the end to prove it. PDS Group customers can spare themselves the tedious and time-consuming qualification process: they benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our own qualified and certified employees.

Certifications like CWAP (Certified Wireless Analysis Professional) can be obtained under the umbrella of Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP), the recognized IT industry standard for non-manufacturer-specific Wi-Fi training and certification that essentially cover all technologies that form the basis of corporate Wi-Fi. IT professionals can undertake training and gain qualifications at different levels regarding the specification, setup, and management of Wi-Fi systems, but certifications like CWAP represent the major league.

Qualifying for CWAP

The qualification process is divided into different stages: the general, non-manufacturer-specific subjects, such as basics of security and network analysis, are covered in the course for Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA). At the professional level for Certified Wireless Security Professional, security topics like securing Wi-Fi networks and analyzing points of weakness are addressed in depth. But it is only in qualifying for CWAP that students get into real detail with Wi-Fi analysis. Professionals at this qualification level can inspect the data traffic down to bits and bytes and test the proper function of the wireless network, such as when roaming. This allows the IT experts not only to identify and analyze Wi-Fi problems but also to offer specific recommendations for solving them.

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