Long before their old handhelds have served their time, companies working in supply logistics, warehousing, production and retailing need to opt for a new generation of mobile IT devices to meet their specific requirements. Without this, no smooth transition is possible.

But, considering the sheer plethora of confusing technology on offer in the field of mobile devices and peripherals, how do you get a reliable idea of what your options are? As an experienced specialist in mobile IT, PDS not only helps to clarify the situation for you, but also offers concrete support in choosing the right devices – and that without any dependency on any particular manufacturer.


The first phase in the PDS life cycle of a device – and therefore part of the Circlon Mobile Life Cycle Management solution – involves selecting and evaluating the mobile data capturing devices. This is an extremely important step as the decisions regarding a company’s mobile IT inventory for the next five to eight years are made at this early stage. These decisions not only determine the technological basis of the complete device pool for the complete period, but also bear on their efficiency as far as total cost of ownership and return on investment are concerned.


Defining requirements

In this phase PDS first investigates the basic hardware requirements of a company. There is a whole barrage of questions that first needs to be answered: What type of use is envisaged? Is, for example, “mixed use” planned, in other words indoor use combined with demanding outdoor service? Should various classes of device be used in the same process, for example smart phones and tablets in conjunction with robust handhelds? What further hardware, mobile printers for instance, is needed in addition to the data capturing devices? How are the handheld devices and their accessories going to be used specifically? What existing and new functions should be included? What is the best operating system? What interaction with the company's software is needed? What experiences with the company's present device inventory should be taken into consideration? The list of initial questions is long. Thanks to decades of experience from more than 500 projects, PDS is able to develop customised requirements from the answers to these questions. The next step involves a competent first selection of suitable hardware.


Neutral and objective evaluation of devices

PDS can draw on a wealth of possibilities here: As an independent partner of hardware suppliers such as Zebra Technologies, Honeywell and Casio, we know the latest portfolios of these major manufacturers. On top of this, the specialists at PDS are also familiar with lesser known brands and can together with its customer make a first selection based on objective benchmarks. The hardware that then makes it on to the shortlist is presented to the customer in workshops with hands-on tests. If necessary, the “finalists” can be tested in practical use in pilot projects with demonstration devices.


Hardware administration with Circlon Operate

PDS’s web-based Circlon Operate portal protects the customer’s new hardware investment through central management of all hardware devices as documented during their roll-out. It allows customers not only to manage the maintenance and servicing of their devices, but also enables them to call up information on the status of their devices in real time and collect information on hardware usage in the form of reports. These reports provide an important basis for, for example, predictive maintenance of the current inventory as well as future investment decisions.


Software, Wi-Fi and service

As a member of the PDS Group, PDS is able to offer customers further benefits when it comes to the future viability of their hardware: through selection of the correct software and connectivity. At the same time as PDS determines the requirements for devices, customers can also avail themselves of the services of PDS affiliates. Take dff solutions, for example. It is an experienced specialist for mobile systems software. Beginning with the determination of individual requirements and extending to the development of platform-independent software applications – all these services can be rendered in close cooperation between the customer and Group specifically for the new hardware. Another affiliate, TCG, is well-versed in wireless infrastructures. It designs and implements reliable Wi-Fi solutions taking demanding environments into consideration. The fourth member of the PDS Group, MobilData, offers competent repair and servicing for all hardware in mobile IT – for devices from M3 and Casio to TSC. 

Are you also about to upgrade your mobile IT? We will gladly support you in choosing and evaluating your next generation of devices!


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