By the specialist in mobile IT roll-outs of every size – and the smooth roll-in of old devices.

If a customer initiates a generation upgrade for its mobile IT, the new hardware has to be provided to all users in the company in a roll-out phase that is a short as possible and above all, problem-free – whether these users are production employees in an industrial enterprise, delivery drivers for a parcel delivery service, or sales reps in retail branches. But this does not happen if the devices are simply handed out with no preparation or additional support. The devices have to be ready to use immediately with all of their accessories and managed right from day one. Downtime caused by a delay in the roll-out phase or the unavailability of devices sometimes leads to downtime and financial consequences for an entire company.


Experienced planning and implementation

As a full-service provider for mobile data recording, PDS has decades of experience in the planning and complete implementation of roll-outs. An independent partner of device manufacturers like Honeywell, Zebra, and M3, PDS knows how to get mobile IT assets to their users in a planned and coordinated way.

PDS works with the customer even in the planning phase to define which hardware and software configurations are needed so that the devices are ready to use immediately. They not only discuss technical specifications, but also agree on exact time frames so that the roll-out is implemented and completed on schedule.


Ready to use with the newest software and hardware

Configuring the software involves installing the customer’s individual applications on the handheld devices – even different versions if there are country-specific differences, for example. At this point the correct settings are also directly implemented on the devices, such as settings for connecting to a Wi-Fi or cellular wireless network.

The hardware is also preconfigured individually for the customer. The handheld devices are fitted with SIM cards and equipped with the right accessories for each user, from holders for use in vehicles, cradles, and belt holsters to chargers and backup batteries. A customer-specific mobile device management (MDM) client is also installed on each device to facilitate device management. MDM stores all of the necessary data, for example, to deactivate a lost or stolen device remotely. Before the handheld devices are finally handed over to the users, the built-in batteries are completely charged for the first time, so the new hardware is ready to use right away.

During the roll-out the devices and their accessories are completely recorded in an asset management system, such as the Circlon Operate Portal. Each component is assigned to a location via its serial number so it can be tracked and located at any time.


Roll-in included

When a new generation of devices is rolled out, generally the handheld devices in use up to this point also need to be “rolled in.” PDS not only takes care of the planning and timely implementation of roll-ins but also guarantees the environmentally friendly and safe disposal of the used devices. And thus the circle of 360° support for mobile IT from PDS, from roll-out to roll-in, is complete.

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