Being open source and the growing popularity of Android devices makes this operating system an attractive target for malware developers.

To date, Windows CE and its derivatives with their regular security patches have been regarded as the most secure operating systems for mobile IT. Following Microsoft's official announcement of the discontinuation of Windows CE, many business users in mobile data capturing are considering switching to Google's Android operating system well-known from the consumer sector. Along with Apple's iOS, Android is considered by professionals as currently being the best business operating system. The use of Apple devices in harsh industrial environments is not practical, however, without extensive and complicated protective covers and bumpers. For Android, security is currently a highly controversial issue.

Android - prime target for attack

Almost everyone knows the Android operating system - and users have hardly any reservations about using it. It is therefore no wonder that Android has become the most successful operating system for smartphones and tablets. Android is an open-source software whose source code is publicly available and can be viewed, changed and used by third parties. Being open source and the growing popularity of Android devices makes this operating system an attractive target for malware developers, who repeatedly discover and exploit security vulnerabilities.

For these reasons, Android is still often considered an unsecure operating system. Even large retailers are reluctant to migrate their mobile IT to Android - even though the platform offers outstanding benefits. The choice of devices alone is vast, because not only are the established handheld manufacturers moving to Android, but now also cost-effective consumer devices represent interesting alternatives for mobile data capturing. In addition, users already familiar with Android and corresponding apps can immediately work productively with the new Android devices following a system migration. This reduces the training as well as the costs, whilst increasing productivity and application efficiency.

With support from the Circlon | group, many users have already made a straightforward transition from Windows CE to Android. The Circlon | group accompanies users when switching operating systems and migrating the software to the new platform. The system changeover is simple, fast and seamless.

Security takes priority

Most importantly, the Circlon | group provides security support, because hackers do not pose the only threat. The installation of third-party apps is not always without risk. Clear rules should be laid down here in the business sector.

Most attacks are also made easier because many users themselves do not take or even deliberately bypass the security measures provided by the manufacturers. This is always the case, for example, when an update available for download is not installed - either due to the lack of time or because it is first tested in individual pilot projects before a complete update is rolled out in the field.

As with Microsoft's mobile operating systems, there are also suitable measures for Android to effectively guard against security attacks - for example, established tools for mobile device management. This allows updates to be better managed and installed easily and efficiently in a reasonable timeframe. In addition, device manufacturers, such as Zebra Technologies, supply various software stacks that make the Android devices secure. The Circlon | group, the largest German mobile IT solution provider, then takes care of the timely, coordinated implementation of the stacks provided by the manufacturers.

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