Circlon Managed Services offer users benefits throughout the lifecycle of all their mobile computer devices

Managed Services are a service package offered by the Circlon | group. The package fits in seamlessly with all the services of the Circlon | group, covering everything that matters in mobile data capturing from consulting through to setting up a Wi-Fi infrastructure. Managed Services accelerate repair procedures and help optimise processes and reduce follow-up costs.

In the first step, even before individual offers are prepared, the project manager of Circlon | pds examines, as part of the Managed Services, the specific application scenario at the customer's, which includes a detailed analysis of the existing service contracts. The services to be provided are assessed, recorded in the service level agreement (SLA) and stored in the Circlon Operate Portal with precise specifications. The services of Circlon Managed Services thus begin well before the delivery of the mobile computer devices. Even during the initial selection and evaluation stages, Circlon | pds supports customers with its expertise, acquired from more than 300 projects, in the selection of the right devices according to the respective requirements and with the advance coordination of rollout plans.



Before the devices are shipped, what is known as staging takes place. This involves preparing the devices for their respective application. During initial rollouts, repair deliveries, reordering or peak deliveries, very different processes take effect - based on the scope of the previously defined service. Depending on the requirements, anything is possible - applying protective films, charging batteries or installation of all the software, including testing, labelling and repacking.

Furthermore, particularly with larger projects, this also includes the equipping with SIM cards, the installation of SD memory cards and the registration in the MDM system. The SIM card management alone can constitute a separate SLA process - extending from the storage of the cards and to reorders with activation of the new SIM cards through to the decommissioning of the old cards.



After the staging phase, the "initial population" of the Circlon Operate Portal begins. This involves the information collected during the staging process from the handhelds (e.g. manufacturer's designation, device type, serial number, allocations to the pool, branch office or subcontractor) and the associated equipment being fed into the multi-client Circlon Operate Portal, from which moment on they can be accessed there at all times.

The delivery of the equipment is carried out by experienced project managers within the scope of a coordinated rollout. This ensures a quick response if reorders are necessary later. Circlon | pds keeps a defined quantity of devices in its own inventory. For seasonal peaks, so-called peak devices with cradles and components are kept in stock. If things get tight, hire equipment can also be taken from the peak equipment inventory. After the peak season, the returned devices are checked by the Circlon | pds Service Centre.



One focus of Circlon Managed Services is on repairs. After all, many devices are exposed to the toughest conditions every day in wind and weather, and operators are not exactly gentle on the devices during what can be hectic operations. No wonder then that devices fail sometimes - usually at the most inconvenient time. In such situations, fast, unbureaucratic service is required. The Circlon Operate Portal has been designed to provide efficient assistance and to harness optimisation potential.

In the portal, for example, a device pool is managed, which enables repairable devices to be available within 24 hours. As to how defective devices are dealt with is governed by the customer-specific service agreements. The Circlon Operate Portal clearly defines what is to happen next. In addition, users receive advance notices and recommended actions for repair - because it is often minor problems they can fix themselves, such as changing a battery or restarting the device.

If all else fails, the Circlon Operate Portal generates a return material authorisation (RMA) number with a predefined error code for the device to be returned. The document produced when the RMA is generated automatically also contains the address of the service centre assigned to the device type. Depending on the device, different scenarios are possible, such as sending in the defective handheld device directly, waiting for the delivery of the replacement device, the use of reusable packaging and the provision of return labels. In principle, it is possible to freely define whether a device is to be delivered to the pool management, to service partners or directly to the manufacturer's service centre. Repairs made by Circlon | pds are processed either according to an agreed fixed price or on the basis of a cost estimate.



The entire damage, replacement and repair process is available to inspect at all times on the Circlon Operate Portal. The serial numbers of the defective and the new device are stored here along with the RMA number and the current status of the individual processes. The data collected in this way provides information used for assessing the efficiency of the device's usage and the service concept. Detailed statistics functions, such as the repair rate, help minimise failure rates and further optimise processes.

The insights from the reporting flow into the workshops of Circlon | pds, which in turn helps to significantly reduce the number of repair cases. A decrease of up to 30% has already been proven. Likewise, improved communication via the portal with regard to preventive measures to be taken as well as tips on simple self-repairs results in a significant decrease in RMA cases.

The supply of spare parts and accessories completes the Circlon Managed Services concept. From displays and rechargeable batteries through to protective films, SIM and SD cards, customers are provided with the right equipment in no time at all and the retrofits are recorded in the Circlon Operate Portal. This means that the status of each mobile computer device is visible at all times in the portal and the maintenance processes can be geared precisely to the current equipment inventory.


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