Users of iOS and Android devices have been able to download this app from third-party providers, but now PDS is providing the DPAG matrix code checker for Windows Phone 8.

With the matrix code checker app, users can scan and decode premium address and bulk mailing data matrix codes from Deutsche Post on their mobile devices and carry out quick checks. PDS has been a Deutsche Post partner for more than 20 years. The specialist in mobile data recording developed the new Windows Phone 8 app independently and is now offering it as a free download in the Windows Phone App Store.

Matrix code checker for desktop

PDS already provides a DPAG matrix code checker for desktop computers. Bulk senders of letters and publications, like credit institutions, public authorities, and publishers, can use this software in connection with a plugged-in handheld scanner to scan and check their matrix codes.

Mobile decoding with the app

PDS developed the matrix code checker app specifically with Windows Phone 8 devices in mind. Users can use the cameras of their smartphones to scan the premium address and bulk mailing data matrix codes from Deutsche Post directly or scan photos of codes. The app decodes the content of the codes – such as the postage type, delivery date, or addressee – and provides it in plain text. The hexadecimal content can also be displayed. Users can send the result of the analysis by e-mail in just a few clicks or save a permanent photographic scan of the data matrix code.

Automatic error detection

The matrix code checker is primarily used to identify formal errors in the matrix code. The software detects these errors automatically and displays them for the user, allowing them to prevent matrix codes which do not meet Deutsche Post specifications from going into circulation.

The free DPAG matrix code checker app from PDS can be downloaded from the Windows Phone App Store via the following link: