Circlon | dff is equipped for further growth after moving to its new company headquarters

In early June, the time had come: Along with all their gear, the 36 employees of Circlon | dff moved into their new company HQ in the exceptional premises of Königsallee 243 in Göttingen. The generous amount of space in the new building and the bright and open ambience made getting acclimatised more than easy. "Our colleagues have felt comfortable from the very first moment," reports CEO Felix Dossmann. "Our customers are also enthusiastic about our open offices and the special atmosphere created by the transparent interior design."

1,100 square metres now offer enough space for an increase in employees and growth. Since 2003, the Circlon | dff has been based in Berliner Strasse 12. But for Felix Dossmann and his team, it was already clear two years ago that the size of the old building and the development of the company would not be compatible for much longer. Added to this was the corporate group's desire to hold seminars in their own premises rather than in external conference rooms.


Own interior design

Circlon | dff played a key role in the conception and design of its new headquarters. In a short time, the plan for a modern, acoustically optimised office building was drafted, one which is perfectly tailored to the needs of the company and its employees. Around 980 glass panes let in plenty of daylight and create an open sense of space and transparency. Good insulation, a smart ventilation system and the automated sunshading ensure a pleasant and comfortable climate in the rooms. In terms of technical equipment, the planners have taken future requirements into account as well. In addition to three kilometres of network cables, some five kilometres of power cables and 80 metres of dimmable LED strips were laid to ensure pleasant lighting, and precisely calculated, ergonomic workplace lighting was installed.


Excellent accessibility and open working atmosphere

Customers and employees appreciate the central location and easy access to the motorway and public transport. The parking situation is very relaxed. Some colleagues also commute to the office by bike. Athletes and cyclists will even find showers in the new building. A large and pleasant common room provides an ideal space to lunch together and socialise. The desired training room is also spacious and bright - up to 50 participants can use the seminar facilities in a pleasant atmosphere and with the best technical equipment and participate in hands-on workshops.

"All the planning and waiting has been worthwhile," concludes Felix Dossmann. "For our employees, the new and modern working environment provides an ideal basis for working together as creatively as possible. The open space concept reflects our transparency and the open interaction with each other and with our customers."