The mobile IT is being switched to Android? No reason to get nervous.

Whether big bang, mixed operation or soft opening – the scenario a company chooses depends on various factors. Regardless of how the changeover is to be made, the Circlon | group has implemented many different customer projects in the past and, thanks to its extensive practical experience, can offer professional support in all cases.


Big bang – migrate reliably in no time at all

The big bang scenario sees time-critical changes being made in one fell swoop – with major challenges for everyone involved. A big bang is always necessary and advisable if the existing software contains critical structures that no longer meet the requirements in terms of safety or the latest guidelines (keyword: GDPR), and risky operation is likely. During the migration, this leads to "unrelenting" deadlines – which are then usually short-term.

In terms of minimising risk, extensive planning and preparation may be required in the run-up to the big bang. This is where the Circlon | group can provide support and advice based on its wealth of experience. The Circlon | group prepares as many mobile computers as possible for the rollout via a pre-staging process – up to 1,000 devices per week are possible. At the same time, successive training and user coaching sessions are carried out so that every user can operate the new devices and the new software directly without any loss of time.


Mixed operation – the cost a decisive factor

Mixed operation presents a good solution when time is not a major issue, but the cost is the deciding factor. Based on the data stored in the Circlon Operate Portal, the status of a device pool can be easily determined. This makes it possible to see exactly how the service life of a certain number of devices will evolve. A changeover in mixed mode thus sees decommissioned (Windows) devices being successively exchanged for new devices with the updated operating system.

In this way, it is possible to gain valuable experience in practice in parallel operation without any risk. With this knowledge, the further staging of the new devices can be optimised in each case – the result is a seamless device replacement and a smooth process that allows the new devices to be used productively right from the start.


Soft opening – step by step into the new era of devices 

With a soft opening scenario, as implemented by the Circlon | group, for example, at a large and well-known retail chain, it is often necessary to "extend" the changeover time in order to make use of user experience in the successive rollout. It is true that a kind of "two-class society" is created during ongoing operation – but this is factored in. Initially, only one site is switched over to Android devices. The work required can be estimated well, the costs are manageable - everything moves in an easily calculable framework.

In the first step, for example, only 50 devices go into staging and are equipped in this phase with the latest software and new SIM cards. For the time being, only the 50 users at the site need to be trained and familiarised with the new devices, apps and functions during the subsequent initial migration.

All experiences with the new devices are evaluated exactly and taken into account in the next step, when the second site is migrated. In addition, the 50 SIM cards of the first site can then be immediately reused here. This not only saves costs, but also makes them easier to calculate.

Site 3, site 4 and so on follow subsequently. The rollout is like a wave spilling over the sites until the entire migration is complete. All in all, the mobile IT can be migrated step by step in an easily determinable scale and with a time and cost frame that can be easily estimated.


All rollout scenarios under control 

Whether big bang, mixed operation or soft opening – the services of the Circlon | group begin even before the actual software distribution during the test and (process) consulting stages, and extend to customising and user training. In all the software migration scenarios, the Circlon | group ensures that the customer's processes continue to run reliably.


Is your company looking to migrate its mobile IT to Android? Do you need support with updates?

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