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Circlon | Track & Trace
Mobile data capture and smart tracking for your goods traffic

Circlon | Track & Trace delivers your goods to their destination

Stay on top of your goods delivery process including all the details. Circlon | Track & Trace takes care of the collection and aggregation of all relevant data on process flows, goods transfers and the associated facilities and resources for you. You are always kept up to date, can use the insights gained to individually streamline your processes, save valuable time and reduce costs in all stages of your day-to-day business.

Solutions Architecture

Tracking & Monitoring. Easy & Interactive.

Capture and process all the details of your goods transfer and digitise your logistics and operational processes.

Central added value

Whether for monitoring ongoing operations or evaluating your processes, Circlon | Track and Trace creates added value for your operations, purchasing and IT.

Intuitive interface for drivers and stand-ins
Dual login system
Software-supported loading and delivery (all goods, all resources)
Integrated navigation and route planning
Real-time tracking and tracing
Communication with the customer
Software-supported customer service on site
Authorisation process (signature of the customer)
Payment directly in cash, by debit or credit card
Recording of absence notices

Flexible service package for your route planning

Loading and Routing

  • Language selection

  • User login

  • Route request

  • Route overview

  • Vehicle check

  • Recording of mileage

  • Loading

  • Key management

  • Route departure


  • Select directions to customers

  • Notes for customer/unloading

  • GPS position tracking with incident model

  • Recording of downtimes and special times

  • Messaging

  • Unloading incl. special cases

  • Repeat delivery attempt to customers

  • Automatic display of the next planned stop


  • GPS proximity detection Incident model Warehouse

  • GPS arrival detection Incident model Warehouse

  • Disposal

  • Reverse logistics (returns, stock transfers)

  • Disposal checks

  • Recording of mileage incl. plausibility check

  • Return of keys

  • Allocation (subsequent route, HGV parking location)

  • User logout

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